Epic Sword

Project for a weapon low poly model. Starting from the scratch with some sketches, following the whole process from hand painted textures to PRB workflow for the final textures.     PROCESS      

Creature Design / 3d Sculpting

Creature design project using different software. Workflow from sketch to sculpting in 3d, hand painting textures and finally preparing the scene with lights and composition for the final shot.          


Motion graphics for UI / UX interface. Using different techniques to create smooth and eye-catching animations for websites and apps designed specifically for different devices.              

Vancouver Open Air Festival

  Major project for a music festival in Vancouver. The promotional campaign for an international summer music festival it was a project executed following a detailed process on research and logo & brand items.              

Procedural Architectural

Creating fast models of different assets from basic geometries and then using procedural nodes I create complex compositions like this one.        


Here is an entire process from quick sketches to digital of one of my personal projects. It is fun to develop rough and fast sketches to reach different perspectives and ideas before to jump into the final prototype. I performed different techniques in the digital paint stage to given a clear and closer idea of […]

Procedural Shapes

I brought this shape from a graphic design project. I was exploring new procedural techniques without lose the aesthetic of the shape applying different materials and perspectives of the camera to get the coolest shot for this scene.            


A couple of projects in an advertisement, blending different images for composing the scene. Using advanced techniques for masking, layers, adjustments layers, etc… Everything on a strict non-destructive workflow.            

Brochures & Layouts

Designs of different projects based on layouts, book covers, booklet designs and magazines, using a variety of Adobe Softwares as InDesign, Illustrator and PhotoShop. Applying methodic techniques using grids to organize layouts in aspects for effective communication and organized visual impact.            


Project for creating different templates for packaging. Full process from sketch to a 3D model. Creating animations where shows the actual prototype and folding stages.        


Detailed model of the smartphone from Apple. I had this phone on my desk at the time that I was modelling. I took care of all the smalls details on the surface as keep the perfect aspect of each assembling part of the model. Also, I designed the box with the letters and logo of […]

Hard Surface

This 3d model spaceship was created on the fly with any previous sketch or design. Volume scattering dynamics and incandescent lights been used across the model.              

3D Weapon

In this personal project, I set the full process from the sketches to the 3d model based on a weapon as a hard surface modelling prop. I designed the set for the background to complete the scene with basic geometric shapes which keep the essence of the main model.             […]

3D Environment (concept art.)

I create an abstract 3d environment asset based in low poly models as a mobile vigeo-game aspect. I was playing with the lightning scene to give a more cool look to the whole composition.      

Interior Design

Here I was working with reflections and volumetric lights for accomplish a  realistic render.            

Mecha Rigging

3d model of a mech totally rigged. Hard and soft surfaces, and designed controls for each part, where rigging with driven keys and IK handles gives a total control and accomplished 3d model ready for animation.      

Branding / Logo Design

Works in branding and logos for Dream Visions Productions. Study about the image of the company and development the process of different ideas.